• Dwejra Looking Beyond

Dwejra Looking Beyond

The Azure Window was one of many wonders, but Dwejra definitely has many more impressive characteristics to it!

Dwejra features outstanding and spectacular natural formations, including it’s one-of-a-kind flora and fauna, the Fungus Rock and so much more. Witness, first-handedly, the geologic formation throughout the years of the well-known Azure Window. Ride along the fallen Window and spot the landmark underwater, which is a nowaday prime site by divers. Learn about the fauna and flora inhabiting different areas. Feel the deep carved cart ruts and visit the Coast Watch Tower to understand our heritage. Enjoy the beauty of the Fungus Rock and the gorgeous scenery among it…and whilst you’re there, why not join in on all the fun!

The activity will include:

  • Cleanup by the 1st Victoria B.C. Unit – Gozo
  • Free Boat Rides
  • Archery and Demonstrations by the Victoria Scouts Group
  • Activities by the XagħraScouts Group *
  • Games area
  • Demonstrations by Divers
  • Traditional Food
  • Dwejra Live Experience
  • Short-Film viewings (Losin’ You)**
  • Educational area
  • #WomenCan– Celebrating Women’s Day

Details on #Woman Can event can be found here.

Everyone is invited to join us.

For another year, the Ministry for Gozo will be providing a free park and ride service from the San Lawrenz Primary School ground to Dwejra and back. Service will be provided every half hour from 10am until 4pm.

The usual official transport service will remain available via route 311 from Victoria to Dwejra.

*  Start of fire session at 1.30pm;  Photo Hunt around Dwejra from 2pm until 4.30pm; Do It Yourself – Desserts in the Wild from 2.30pm until 4pm. 

** Movie will be screened at the interpretation centre. 

For further information, kindly contact us on:

2210 0004

More event details can be downloaded here.