• Love at Villa Rundle Gardens

Love at Villa Rundle Gardens

Love is in the air throughout the Villa Rundle Gardens in Victoria, with romance as the theme, ready for two weeks of Valentine’s in Gozo, which starts tomorrow.

Cupids and hearts are welcoming visitors to the gardens and have proved to be the perfect photo opportunity, the perfect place to visit with the one you love.

#Inhobbok is the title of the initiative and on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of February, the gardens will host a market for craft products related to the feast of St. Valentine’s Day, while in the main squares of Victoria, there will be entertainment for the public provided by Puse and Mae and Keith.

In Independence Square, the artist Marina will portray the messages of love related to this feast, through art in chalk. In the Citadel Cultural Centre, students attending the Visual & Performing Arts School of Gozo will be holding an exhibition related to the day of love – entitled ‘Lilek Inhobb’ (You Are The One I Love) Also at the Centre will be a collective art exhibition by various artists – Habbejtek (I Love You).

Gozo will be the place to be during this romantic Valentine’s feast so why not visit and take the opportunity to enjoy, culture, entertainment, local food, and of course spend time with your loved ones.

Carnival and Valentine's day are just around the corner! 

Is there another way you can celebrate these days than in Gozo? With a carnival weekend chock full of activities and Valentine's day smack in the middle of the week, you have more than one excuse to visit Gozo.


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