Ramla Bay

When the wind blows Northwest direction the best place to windsurf is definitely Ramla Bay, which is situated on the North of Gozo, a beautiful bay full of orange sand, and an excellent spot for all levels of sailors. As soon as the wind is stronger than force 4 it is only suited for experienced sailors only, the waves will get bigger and a nasty shore break follows. Ramla is also good in the south wind when you get flat water and plenty of wind coming out of the bay. The only drawback with this bay is that during the summer months, the bay is reserved only for swimmers. Gozo Sailing Club is working towards getting a small launching area on the west side of the bay.

Qbajjar Bay

Another nice place for surfing/sailing is Qbajjar. This bay is very good for all levels of sailors. West/Northwest wind is great there and suitable for all, but beware when the wind is stronger than force 4 it gets dangerous for beginners.

Ħondoq Bay

With winds from east to northeast, Ħondoq Bay is another popular site with surfers/sailors, a nice jetty to rig up on, and a beautiful view of the island of Comino across the channel. West to South West wind is also great sailing here. It's a lovely site for all levels with a nice gentle breeze up to Force 4. It is very good for intermediates to sail across the channel to Comino. When the wind blows stronger, you can see the big boys out in a nice rolling swell, Very good constant waves will follow as the wind kicks in. The site is also known to have strong currents.

Xatt L-Aħmar

Another good place to consider in a very strong east-northeast is called Xatt L- aħmar, where you can start in a very flat protected area, but when you are out watch out, for great blasting conditions.

Daħlet Qorrot

In a Southeast wind, the best place found is Daħlet Qorrot on the North East of Gozo with the wind blowing cross-shore. You have to go out about 20 metres before you get clear wind due to the contour of the bay, but once you are out it's beautiful conditions.

Marsalforn Bay

Another site is Għar Qawla just off Marsalforn Bay, again cross-shore winds but well worth a visit there in the southeast wind. The breakwater on the outer left side of the bay is a good and safe launching site for Westerly and Northwesterly winds up to force 5. Both these places are suited better for intermediate to expert sailors. To sum up, Gozo is a very small island surrounded by beautiful clear waters and you will find for sure a nice place to sail in any condition or wind strength.

Gozo Sailing Club

If you need any more information log on to the Gozo sailing club site at gozosailingclub.gitd.net You can find all you need on this website and contact existing members who would only be glad to sail together with you.


If it's keelboats you are into, it's an ideal location any time of year. There is lovely scenery and beautiful small bays to anchor at and have a nice dip in the clear water. A great place is to be found on the north side of the island called St Blas Bay very remote place to relax. At night you can always berth on a pontoon at Mgarr harbour. There are shower facilities water, electricity and fuel here. Several good eating places are to be found too. You can always find berthing space, especially during off-peak season, for info you can get in touch with the Malta Maritime Authority at (00356) 21558856 or (00356) 21558857.